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Tree Removal

No one likes removing a tree, but sometimes circumstances make it necessary. Arborists recommend tree removal for the following reasons:

Dead or dying tree

Storm damaged and not salvageable

Leaning tree at risk of falling

Injured by an insect infestation

Crowding or harming other yard trees

Trash tree needing high maintenance

Growing in the wrong location or in the way of a project

As a community, we value our urban forests for their beauty, the value they add to our quality of life, and the benefits to wildlife and nature in the Metro Atlanta. Scott's Treewurk understands how much trees add to the investment in your property, too. That’s why we consider tree removal as one of the last options in our arsenal of tree preservation activities.

Sometimes, though,pests or diseases or storm damage or vitality issues require that a tree be removed. Our deciduous and conifer trees can suffer from storm-related problems like major branch and stem destruction. Insects, viruses and bacterial infections weaken significant upper story and below-ground structures.

Harm can come from human intervention as well. Trenching or other soil disturbance cuts roots. Compaction from heavy equipment destroys stability and crushes complex root systems. Even dents and dings from the occasional mower or weed eater contact result in permanent, irreparable injury.

Stump Grinding

The tree is gone, sometimes for many years, and yet the stump still remains.. Nature has not yet reduced it to chunks of easily disposable wood. It remains as a tripping hazard and unsightly reminder of what once was. That’s why we emphasize the importance of stump grinding in the Metro Atlanta area.

Storm Damage Prevention

Have your trees checked before a storm to make sure they will make it through the storm, Trimming a tree to allow the wind to pass through the tree properly can prevent a heavy canopy tree from being blown over.

We can also do an inspection of trees you may suspect have a problem and removing a problem before a storm can save you lots of money before the tree falls.

Tree Risk Assessment (Safety Inspection)

Not all trees appearing to have a problem are at risk. Likewise, all trees are not necessarily safe if problems are not apparent. To clear up possible confusion,Scott's Treewurk offers free, tree risk assessments to our customers in the Metro Atlanta area.

Some tree problems begin as seemingly minor issues, something the average property owner would assume is nothing to worry about. While a broken main limb or unstable roots are obvious, a woody powder dusting the bark or discolored leaves hanging on a few branches are also indicators that the tree could be in jeopardy.

Storm Damage and Emergency Tree Removal

There is no ideal time for any kind of emergency to happen, but when it does, you can count on Scott's Treewurk to be there for all of your emergency tree removal and service needs.

We understand better than most the importance of rapid but safe tree removal. Trees and limbs can be extreme hazards. So whether your trees poses a risk due to old age, weather, or some sort of accident, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

During a storm weaker trees can fall,and they really dont care what is in the way. Scott's Treewurk has the knowledge and experience to remove a fallen tree, whether it has fallen across your yard or on your house or other areas of your property...we know the proper and safest ways of removing the tree without creating further damage.

If there is damage to your home or roof we can tarp the area to prevent further damage.

Residential Land Clearing

Whether you are looking to clear the trees on your property so you can install a pool or build your kids a ball field or you just want a lawn, or you just bought a lot and want the trees removed so you can build a house.

Scott's Treewurk is the company you want to remove the trees for you...we pay attention to detail.

Pruning and Trimming

Keeping your trees pruning regularly helps:

  • Mitigate Risk – Tree trimming to reduce damage from falling limbs.
  • Manage Health – Pruning that promotes healthy growth by removing dead or dying branches and diseased or infested branches.
  • Improve Tree Structure – Pruning to a dominant leader encourages straighter and more robust growth.
  • Restoration Pruning – Trim to reestablish tree structure after damage from storms or past substandard pruning.
  • Provide Clearance – Pruning that prevents interference with property structures, sidewalks, streets, and electrical lines.
  • Manage Size and Shape – Prune to maintain the desired shape according to tree species and location.
  • Regenerative Pruning – Trimming to remove dead and weak branches to stimulate new growth and vitality.
  • Improve Aesthetics – Prune to improve the visual appearance of a tree.

When needed…Tree Permit assistance

In some cities in the Metro Atlanta area a permit is required to do tree removal. The city wants to be aware of the tree canopy of you property as well as your neighborhood and may require a permit to do so.

Scott's Treewurk will gladly work with the city Arborist and apply on your behalf for the needed permit.

We give them all the measurements and dimensions as well as pictures needed to get you the permit approval needed..In some cities there are costs to receive a permit, all costs are paid by the property owner

We Offer Home and Commercial Tree Removal Services