Tree Crashed into your house?  We do Emergency Storm Clean Up in Kennesaw, Georgia! Scott’s Treewurk takes calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you can get back to normal quickly.

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When serious weather condition and storms struck, one of the significant circumstances where trees can be a major hinderance is. Properly managing your trees, consisting of tree cutting, can be a way to alleviate significant concerns but accidents can still happen, and you’ll frequently find that your backyard ends up being buried in particles. With our help, you can get things back to typical earlier with our thorough storm tidy up service. We can assist remove any trees or particles that remain in the way, so that you can quickly get onto evaluating the damage and getting your house back to the way it was.

Storm Clean Up

Storms and serious weather condition can be especially devastating for your residential or commercial property if you have any trees. You might discover that debris and branches end up all over your home or that some of your trees collapse, either partly or totally, and cause a major obstruction or security dangers.

Remove Obstructions and Assess Damage

One of the most crucial things that you require to do in the after-effects of any storm is to make your property safe once again and examine the damage. Our storm tidy up service is the quickest and most convenient method to restore security on your property by eliminating any trees or particles that are a threat or an obstruction.

Emergency Tree Removal

As part of the storm clean up services that we provide we can likewise deal with emergency situation tree removal. Trees can be badly harmed in a storm and can either completely collapse, partially collapse or be at risk of either. So, to restore security to your home we know that you can typically need emergency situation tree removal in this circumstance. Our group can be there in a hurry to assist you eliminate any trees that are still a danger, including those currently collapsed that are still a blockage, so you do not need to panic or leave any threats remain around your house or commercial residential or commercial property.


In the consequences of any storm, specifically if your house has been damaged, we know that you have a lot to take care of and consider. We understand that the last thing you require is extra stress. This is why we’ve striven to make sure that our service is simple organize and can take care of all the clean up without triggering you any extra trouble. That way, you can focus your energy where it truly needs to be and do not need to stress over the clean up.

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Why Scott's Treewurk

Professional and experienced service

We at Scott’s Treewurk have over 17 years of experience in tree removing services and have earned 4.8 star rating on Thumbtack. Every crew member has years of training, equipped with the best protective equipment and  has gone through special training in safety procedures.

Fully insured for tree removal

Removing dead or damaged trees is a high-risk job. When you hire us for emergency tree service, you can rest assured as we are a licensed and fully insured company including liability insurance and aggregate. We assume complete responsibility for any accidental damage.

Advanced Tree removal equipment

We use industry-leading equipment and tools for effective and efficient tree removal. Our tools are well-maintained and state-of-the-art to provide a neat and clean job that leaves our customers happy and 100% satisfied.


We aim to give our customers unparalleled quality results without breaking the bank. Even if you call us at any odd hour of the day, we do not charge unreasonable money for tree removals. Did we mention our 10% OFF coupon deal? Great, isn’t it?

The tree removal experts at Treewurk know that tree emergencies can happen anytime. Therefore, we offer 24 hour service 365 days a year.

How We Do It

  • After receiving a call for storm cleanup, we send our best crew members to your location.
  • They will examine the tree and the surrounding area.
  • After examining the entire situation, our tree expert will share an estimated cost with the client.. On receiving their approval, we’ll start the work.
  • Once we’re done, our trucks will take it away for safe disposal.