Why You Should Hire A Tree Service and The Benefits To You

Taking care of your trees can be a great way to improve the overall aesthetic of your home. Planting and maintaining trees can help increase the value of your property and makes it stand out to passersby.

Not only will it make the exterior of your house look better, but proper tree care can also reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning out your gutters.

If left unchecked, trees can cause damage to your home and property due to overgrown branches and debris, so regularly pruning and trimming trees can help keep them healthy and less likely to cause harm. At Scott’s Treewurk, we offer a wide range of tree care services to keep your trees looking great and reduce the amount of debris they shed. We can prune trees and remove dead branches or tree trimming services, tree removal services, and stump grinding. We even cut back large overgrown trees and treelines.

Here are ten reasons you should hire a licensed & insured tree service company for these types of tree services:

  • Prune trees and remove dead branches – keeps them from falling on your home causing damage such as a roof leak.
  • Trim bushes and hedges – Curb appeal
  • Cut back large overgrown trees – Curb appeal and keeps them from falling onto your home and causing damage during a storm or weather event
  • Eliminate safety hazards – Damage to home or property due to falling limbs trees and debris
  • Increase the health of your trees – Trimming Trees allows weight to be taken off long branches, allowing for new healthy growth.
  • Enhance the aesthetics of your property – Simply cutting your grass makes your yard look better. Accenting that with pruned bushes and trees adds tons of curb appeal to your home and property.
  • Improve air quality by removing debris – If the trees in your yard are dense it can restrict airflow and create dust and pollen buildup.
  • Reduce the risk of fire damage – Trees nearing powerlines and other electrical supply boxes can cause fire during a surge and possibly spread to your home but also cause property damage.
  • Lower the chances of tree diseases spreading – Trimming trees regularly can defend against spreading disease by catching it beforehand.
  • Promote the growth of new foliage and branches – Trimming trees allows sunlight to an otherwise shady area allowing for growth

Scott’s Treewurk is a full-service tree care company based in Kennesaw, Georgia. Along with gutter cleaning and leaf removal, we provide tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, and many other tree care services. We also offer 24/7 emergency tree services in the event of a storm or another unexpected incident that causes damage to trees on your property. If you have an emergency situation, call us at (678) 208-7336 or visit www.treewurk.com to get in touch with us online.

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